Premed students choose from a seemingly infinite pool of study resources when creating an MCAT study plan. With so many choices, students often find searching for the best resources anxiety provoking. It can be an overwhelming process. Many of our users report feeling overwhelmed at initial stage of the study plan creation process.

Because students have a lot of options to weigh when selecting their MCAT resources, Cram Fighter has become an indispensable tool that supports a wide range of study materials, from lectures and books to questions banks and flashcards. To help you with your search, check out our list of supported MCAT study resources.

Among MCAT study books, we have found Kaplan Review Series and Examkrackers series to be most popular among Cram Fighter users. The most popular lectures are Khan Academy. For question banks, we find our users choose Kaplan Qbank. Last, we find the most popular flashcards are Kaplan MCAT in a Box.

If you are having trouble figuring out which resources you will like, take advantage of free resources. And remember, when deciding on books, you can take a look at Amazon’s free previews. Here is a list of some great free stuff:

Kahn Academy (videos)
OldPreMeds (podcast)
Premed Years Podcast (podcast)
WikiPremed (notes)
MCAT Review (notes, tips) (notes, one question/day)
Next Step Test Prep (practice exam bundle)
Gold Standard MCAT-Prep (practice exams)